About Noteable

Create and share engaging coding lessons with Noteable, a cloud-based computational notebook service which works in your browser from any device.

Developed by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh, Noteable hosts your computational notebooks in one simple online hub and can integrate with your VLE.

Streamline your preparation, teaching and marking and build a better learning experience for your students with Noteable.

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What our clients say

Noteable supports teaching in a variety of subject areas and institutions.

For larger courses, or those containing students with less computing experience, this is undoubtedly a huge benefit of using the Noteable service.

Lecturer, School of Mathematics

Interspersing live code blocks with narrative content makes for a wonderfully efficient and interactive classroom and online experience.

Digital Skills and Training Manager

Very easy to use and allowed me to deliver working examples live in lectures and for students to work with at home. No complicated set-up, works straight from a browser.

Lecturer, School of Informatics

Built for learning, ready for your creativity

Code straight into your browser. Noteable makes sharing and learning code easy for everyone.

Physical sciences

Analyse raw data, simulate physical systems, share results


Discover trends, visualise processes, build better solutions

Social sciences

Extract data from the web, process and visualise findings


Teach languages from scratch, build machine learning models


Visualise geospatial data, map layers, and global statistics


Analyse text content of legal documents, streamline workflow

Benefits of Noteable

Noteable makes it easy to create, set, and mark coding assignments for your students. Our notebooks allow you to add rich narrative detail, creating an environment for optimum learning and engagement. No matter your students’ level of skill and knowledge, Noteable provides the tools and support they need.

Up-to-date libraries

We make sure our notebooks have the most up-to-date libraries and packages installed, so they are ready for use with no manual set-up. If you need specific languages or packages, we can add them for you.

Based on Jupyter notebooks

Our computational notebooks are based on the Jupyter service, allowing you to weave code and text cells together into an interactive document for teaching and assessment.


Noteable allows you to run code completely online, eliminating the hassle of students individually downloading software and packages.

The web-based Noteable service can be accessed from any browser, anywhere in the world. No matter where you are or what device you use, you can write, distribute and mark assignments for your classes, and students can keep their work and grades all in one place.

Made for education

Noteable uses nbgrader, which allows you to autograde student assignments, saving you time with large classes.

We only release major service updates in the holidays between teaching periods, so your students are always in a consistent environment while they work on their assignments.

VLE connectivity

Noteable integrates seamlessly with your virtual learning environment, so your students know exactly where to find it. When logged into your institution, you and your students will be automatically logged into Noteable.

Compatible with Git

You can import existing files from any Git repository directly into Noteable, either using our built-in upload button or the Noteable command line. Turn your existing work into lessons and assessments in just a few clicks.

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